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Oahu's Premier Choice

Aloha, and welcome to Hopkins Hawai‘i!

I’m Stephen Hopkins, founder and owner of Hopkins Hawai‘i.

At Hopkins Hawai‘i, we offer a comprehensive range of property solutions across the island of Oahu.

Our services cover new construction, major renovations and remodels, basic home improvement and maintenance, solar energy solutions, and general handyman services. In addition, we offer property management and maintenance services for vacation homes and condominiums, rental properties, commercial buildings, and offices.

We are a fully insured, locally owned business. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

From the smallest job to the largest job, my team is committed to providing professional, high qualityserviceat affordable prices.

Our Customers Trust Us.

And So Can You.

We hire team members and contractors who have an average of ten years’ experience in their specialty. And for your security, our hiring process includes both reference and background checks.

We take pride in our work and treat every customer with respect and aloha. Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our customers consistently give us outstanding reviews.

Here are just a few of our customers’ comments:

5 Star review by Betsy Lum:

Friendly service with the goal to have the client’s needs met and satisfied. Prompt, reliable and prepared. Very professional.

5 Star review by Katherine Yamada:

Stephen had never installed a motorized awning before. Before accepting our job, he researched what it would entail. It was a challenge that he and Daniel handled with professionalism and intelligence. With our roofing obstacles, it took longer than expected, but his charges were very reasonable. We are happy with the quality of work and are enjoying our shaded patio.

5 Star review by Kathleen Lomando:

Stephen was prompt, professional and reasonable. The work was done so well you couldn’t tell that it was done. He repaired a door frame and door where my dog had scratched the wood to the point of it being gouged. He even matched the paint. I sent him photos of the damage, he quoted me a price and I hired him all via text. He did the work the next day. AMAZING! I will certainly use him again.

Our company is built on providing our customers with great work from a company they can trust—we treat every customer with respect and aloha, and we strive to do our best work on every job.

Do You Need a Handyman—or a Licensed Contractor?

Sometimes you need a hand with something. It may be a simple job, such as shingles that need to be replaced on your roof, or ceiling fans that need hanging. We can help with that. Click here to see our list of handyman services.

And sometimes you need more than a handyman… Whether you’re planning home improvements such as re-facing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or something like a major renovation or remodeling project, or even a completely new home, Hopkins Hawai‘i is here for you.

Our most commonly requested services include:

  • Additions—such a new bathroom, larger kitchen, or additional bedroom
  • Improvements—such as deck re-building or interior remodeling
  • Painting—interior and exterior
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Power washing/pressure washing
  • Cabinet refacing and repair
  • Flooring, both repairs and replacements
  • Lighting needs, whether new lighting or replacement lighting
  • Ceiling fan installations and changes
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • Toilet repairs and replacements
  • Window Jalousies and cranks repaired and/or replaced
  • Vacation rental management and maintenance
  • Home staging for real estate sales

Of course, there are times when you need to call the right professional right away—if your toilet or sink is overflowing, call a licensed plumber! When you’re ready to replace that troublesome toilet or sink, call us at Hopkins Hawai‘i.

If you trip a breaker every time you use the microwave, call a licensed electrician right away! When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen and install an over-the-stove microwave, call us at Hopkins Hawai‘i.

Why Hopkins Hawai‘i?

You’re here because you want to find a fair price for your home improvement project. Well, as you can imagine, all home renovation, home improvement, and home maintenance companies are not created equal.

Sure, you can look for a bargain, but if you don’t look at the whole picture when shopping around, you may end up stuck with a disappointing “improvement,” or worse, a botched renovation. Or maybe something in between, such as a job that never got finished because once you paid your contractor in full, they never returned to complete your job.

At Hopkins Hawai‘i, we want you to feel great about your project and about us, from the beginning of the project all the way to the last switch plate being screwed into the wall and the last inch of touch-up paint in your freshly painted living room.

Here’s the great news—you’re in the right place. When you hire the right company, you get the results you expect. We’re here to be that company for you.

So What Sets Hopkins Hawai‘i Apart?

  • We provide free, no-strings-attached estimate for every job.
  • We provide you with the highest quality service and workmanship.
  • We don’t surprise you with hidden costs—we let you know of costs up front and as they arise.
  • We make sure you know what parts and materials you will need before we arrive.
  • We arrive on time with the tools we need for the job.
  • We communicate with you about the progress of your project.
  • We inform you of project challenges as soon as they arise.
  • We keep your budget in mind without compromising on workmanship.
  • We complete the job in the time we promised.
  • For most jobs, we don’t bill you till the job is complete.
  • We are considerate of your safety and convenience while we work.
  • We clean up our mess when we leave each day.
  • We are friendly and respectful—we treat every customer with aloha.
  • We don’t start your job, then disappear before it’s ever done.
  • We don’t disappear when the surf comes up.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Need an Estimate?

Every job is priced according to the time, degree of difficulty, and the skill required to complete the job. And because it is generally up to the customer to provide parts and materials for a home improvement project, we estimate materials costs, as well.

Click here to schedule your free estimate today. 

Tips for a Successful Home Renovation, Improvement, Repair, or Maintenance Project:

  • Plan ahead by creating a budget. Otherwise, you’ll feel like the costs never end. Decide ahead of time what your bottom line is.
  • Collect ideas and preferences of what you have in mind.
  • Decide what materials you’d like to use. Look around at what’s available, but wait until you talk to your contractor before making large purchases.
  • Find good help—plan to hire the best contractor or handyman available. Look for someone with at least five years’ experience, excellent customer reviews, and up-to-date insurance.
  • Get an estimate. It’s important that you know the cost of your project. Ask questions to clear up any uncertainties you may have about your project or the contractor. Be sure all your financial questions are answered in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings.
  • Have realistic expectations. Renovating, remodeling, and home improvement can be exciting, but it can also be inconvenient. Unexpected snags, delays, and disruptions to your routine are part of any project. And keep in mind—Oahu’s island location can sometimes cause delays that would not occur on the mainland, and things that happen in a matter of days on the mainland may take much longer in Hawai‘i.
  • Prepare your belongings and personal items by removing all personal items from the work area before the workers arrive. This allows the work to start on time in a safe, clutter-free area and also protects your valuables from dust, damage, or accidents.
  • Plan ahead on how your family will work around the construction. You’ll need to consider how your everyday behavior will be affected.
  • Prepare your family. Pets, children and elderly members of the household should be prepared in advance for any project, small or large. A change in routine, along with unexpected noise, dirt, or debris from even small home improvement projects can be disruptive and inconvenient, as well as potentially unhealthy to those with respiratory issues.
  • Stay positive, and keep your end goal in mind.

What About Materials and Supplies?

Our team will work with whatever materials you supply for maintenance, repair, and handyman jobs—paint, lighting fixtures, kitchen tile, and anything else you have purchased.

For large jobs (renovations, remodels, and additions) we recommend you consult us before making purchases, as we may have insight to guide you as to quantity and quality.

If we need additional materials and supplies before your job is complete, we’ll suggest a couple of options:

  • Have Hopkins Hawai‘i pick up the materials for an additional fee.
  • Or we will work on your project while you do the shopping for any additional materials needed to complete the job. 

We’re 100% Insured

When you hire us for your home improvement project, you and your property are protected. Hopkins Hawai‘i technicians are fully insured for accidental damage and workers’ compensation. If one of our workers is injured while performing work in your home or business, you are free of any liability. 

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