VRBO Property Maintenance


Kaua‘i Handyman Services offers comprehensive maintenance, management and guest services packages for vacation rental homeowners on Kaua‘i. We partner with Evolve Vacation Rental Network to provide our services to local and off-island owners with properties in Koloa, Princeville, Waimea, Lihue and throughout the island.

If you’re on this page, you probably need help maintaining your vacation rental property and guest services. Maybe you signed on with one of the big management companies, only to find out their fees are eating into all your profits. Or worse, they aren’t maintaining your property the way you’d like. Or maybe poor guest services are affecting your reviews.

If you’re doing all that work on your own, maybe you’re realizing just how demanding it can be.

Or perhaps you’ve recently purchased a property or you’re planning to sell. Did you know we offer move in/move out services such as deep cleaning, staging, repair, and remodeling?

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Whatever your situation, we can help. Our vacation rental homeowners trust us to provide them with the same level of personalized service and aloha that we bring to each individual home handyman project. Our overhead is very low, which allows us to pass on the savings to you in the form of lower monthly fees and hourly rates.

Our Comprehensive Vacation Home Rental Package:

Administrative—Monthly Property Management

We charge a monthly retainer fee for ground services. Owners can expect the following from our on-island Property Manager (PM):

  • Our presence satisfies the owner’s fiduciary responsibility of having on-island representation.
  • We will cover 24/7 emergency communications and responsibilities.
  • We will implement and carry out all AOAO directives and protocols on the owner’s behalf.
  • We’ll handle all communications with Evolve reservations and administrators.
  • We’re on call to field and implement all owner concerns and requests.
  • We’ll communicate with various property vendors, schedule any routine maintenance or repairs, and maintain a calendar for all maintenance events.

Administrative—Additional Services

This covers additional requests that are approved and agreed to by the owner but are not covered in our standard Property Management Agreement. Some examples:

  • 24-hour guest phone assistance.
  • Lost guest key replacement or lockout service.
  • Additional emergency situations requiring our sustained presence.
  • Any non-scheduled guest maintenance repair requests (pending owner approval).

Logistics—Inventory Control

Setting up and maintaining careful inventory is an integral part of protecting your investment. We make it a priority to ensure efficient household maintenance and loss prevention. This service includes:

  • Create a log book to monitor linen and towel supplies.
  • Conduct laundry inventory and inspection prior to every guest check out.
  • Provide owner with timely loss/damage reports.
  • Replace lost or damaged inventory (with owner approval).

Note: We will ensure that guests follow written check-out instructions and notify them of any penalty for listed infractions. It is our policy to notify the owner of any property damage or inventory loss within 48 hours of guest departure. Any damage claims must be submitted to Evolve within 7 days of guest departure.

Logistics—Shopping for Supplies

  • Shopping to stock the home and replenish supplies and other advertised amenities.
  • Gift baskets, flowers and other welcome gifts specified by the owner.

Logistics—Supplies reimbursement

  • Laundry soap, bathroom soap, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, TP
  • We will shop in bulk to save money if storage space permits

Maintenance—Routine Cleaning

  • Cleaning performed after each check out and monitored by PM.
  • Same-day cleaning (2-person crew at 4 hours each).
  • Next-day cleaning (one person at 8 hours or 2-person crew at 4 hours each).

Maintenance—Additional Provision for Mid-Week Cleaning

  • Mid-week cleaning can be arranged and paid for directly by guest.
  • Guest must arrange service with PM via email prior to arrival and check in.

Maintenance—Deep Cleaning

  • Recommended after every 4-6 bookings.
  • Targets all areas not covered by regular cleanings (special projects and larger jobs can be negotiated at additional cost).
  • Not available as same-day service – for best results we suggest next-day or during an off week.

Maintenance—Extensive Cleaning or Damages

In the event of circumstances requiring extensive cleaning or repairs, PM will arrange the appropriate services in a timely manner

  • Owner will be notified and guests will be charged in accordance with rental agreement

Maintenance—Handyman Services

Small repairs and handyman services will be performed by our staff whenever possible. (Larger jobs and special projects will be assessed, agreed upon, quoted and contracted on a case-by-case basis). Charges will cover:

  • Assessing the problem.
  • Shopping for and/or ordering parts (owner to pay for materials).
  • Installing new parts.
  • Removal and disposal of old parts and waste.

Maintenance—Additional Projects and Repairs

  • Larger projects or repairs requiring specialized, contracted labor or heavy waste removal.
  • Jobs or projects requiring interruption of water or electrical service.
  • Jobs or projects which cannot be completed between guests.
  • Owner pays for materials and labor.

Guest Services—Pre-Arrival

Our guest services begin with a pre-arrival email, text and phone call from the Property Manager (PM). Pre-arrival services:

  • Coordinate exact arrival times with guest.
  • Field guest concerns and questions.
  • Approve any early or late check-in requests.
  • Assist with and implement any special needs requests.

Guest Services—Check-In

PM will arrive one hour prior to guest arrival to prepare the unit for occupancy. Duties include:

  • Final check to inspect cleaning and inventory
  • Turn on appropriate lights, fans, AC, WiFi, etc.
  • Test and set all TVs to the schedule channel
  • Set out instructional folder and keys
  • Meet and greet guests and conduct a walk-through of the property
  • Introduce guests to important AOAO house rules

Guest services—check out

  • Communicate with guests one day prior to departure to confirm departure time.
  • Meet with guests to receive keys and ask for feedback and concerns.
  • Inspect inventory and property for loss or damages.
  • Coordinate cleaning and inspect work prior to release.
  • Restock amenities and household supplies.
  • Reset and turn off lights, AC, TVs, Wifi, check windows and doors as needed.
  • Perform necessary key control—check locks and/or keypads.

Guest services—Additional Concierge Services

  • Assist with reservations, bookings, and services
    • Pre-arrival food shopping.
    • Personal assistant.
    • Arrange outings such as golf, fishing, tours.
    • Private dining or chef.
    • Private live music.
    • Massage, spa services.
    • Baby sitter or pet care.
    • Specialized and custom tours and adventures.
    • Private flights and helicopter tours.
    • Special event staging (weddings, catered events).
    • Itinerary set up (reservations services).

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