Tips for a Successful Project

Getting off to a good start

  • Plan ahead by creating a budget—without a budget you’ll feel like the costs never end. Decide ahead of time what your bottom line is.
  • Collect ideas and preferences of what you have in mind. Use magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Get a clear idea of what you and your family like and want.
  • Decide what materials you’d like to use BUT wait until you talk to your contractor before making large purchases.
  • At Hopkins Hawai´i we have over 25 years’ experience on the islands, as well as excellent customer reviews and up-to-date insurance. These are priorities!
  • We’ll provide you with a no-cost estimate. It’s important that you know the cost of your project. Ask questions to clear up any uncertainties about your project, and make sure you ask us questions, too.
  • Be sure all your financial questions about your project are answered in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings.
  • Have realistic expectations. Renovating, remodeling, and home improvement can be exciting, but can also be inconvenient. Unexpected snags, delays, and disruptions to your routine are hard to avoid. And keep in mind—Oahu’s island location can sometimes cause delays that would not occur on the mainland—things that happen in a matter of days on the mainland may take much longer in Hawai‘i.
  • Remove all extra and personal items from the work area before our workers arrive. This allows us to start on time and also protects your valuables from dust, damage, or accidents.
  • Prepare your family. Pets, children and elderly members of the household should be prepared in advance for any project, small or large. A change in routine, along with unexpected noise, dirt, or debris from even small home improvement projects can be disruptive and inconvenient, as well as potentially unhealthy to those with respiratory issues.
  • Stay positive, and keep your end goal in mind.

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What about materials and supplies?

Our team will work with whatever materials you supply for handyman jobs, as well as for maintenance and repair jobs—paint, lighting fixtures, kitchen tile, and so on.

For large jobs such as renovations, remodels, and additions, we highly recommend you consult us before making purchases, as we may have insight to guide you in terms of quantity and quality. We can also inform you of any current supply issues.

If we need additional materials and supplies before your job is complete, we’ll suggest a couple of options:

  • Have Hopkins Hawai‘i pick up the materials for an additional fee.
  • Or we’ll work on your project while you do the shopping for any additional materials needed to complete the job.

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