Solar A/C


At Hopkins Hawai‘i, we strive to bring you the best service for every aspect of your project.

We choose our team members carefully, we choose building materials and methods carefully, and we choose our partners carefully.
That’s why Hopkins Hawai‘i is partnered with Honolulu’s CoolXEnergy to provide our customers with one of the most cutting edge and effective ways to save money and energy when cooling your home or business in Hawai‘i’s unique climate, while also increasing sustainable resource usage in Hawai‘i.


We guide you in every aspect of your project

When taking on a building or home improvement project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why Hopkins Hawai‘i helps you with every aspect of your project. You don’t have to know everything—we’re working with you.

When you decide to explore solar A/C, we can discuss how to efficiently and effectively incorporate CoolXEnergy’s patented solar A/C system into your project.


Why we recommend CoolXEnergy’s patented system

Not only is CoolXEnergy’s patented system far more compact than the photovoltaic solar panels we’ve all seen on residential and commercial rooftops, it ties into your existing A/C system.

In fact, CoolXEnergy is the exclusive Hawai‘i distributor of the ThermX solar air conditioning and refrigeration system, and is already in use by companies such as Toyota, Budweiser, and Applebee’s—there are over 6,000 commercial installations worldwide so far.

But don’t be fooled—the ThermX system is as effective in homes and smaller businesses as it is in large corporations.

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Solar A/C that ties into your current system

What makes the ThermX system so well suited for homes is that regardless of compressor type, the ThermX system not only ties into most air conditioning systems in home use today—Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Hobart, Hitachi— to name just a few, it’s also a much more compact system than the “solar panel” system we’re all familiar with.

You see, on average, it takes thirty to forty 250-watt photovoltaic panels to equal the efficiency of one ThermX solar unit.

Here’s an illustration of what we mean by compact:

So not only will the ThermX system have a much lower impact on your home’s curb appeal, you can clearly see that it’s simply… simpler.


Hawai‘i is ideally suited for solar A/C

The sunshine and warm climate that makes Hawai‘i a beautiful place to live also make Hawai‘i a hot and humid place to live. But with the sunshine comes an abundance of solar energy just waiting to be utilized.

A great way to do that is to implement a system designed to increase the efficiency of the A/C system you already have in use (including most split systems).

So there’s no need to start all over—with the air conditioning system you already have, you’ve most likely got the perfect tie-in system for a CoolXEnergy solar A/C system. This means that by adapting a ThermX system, your current system does not become obsolete—instead, your current system is enhanced by the addition of a solar air conditioning system.


Start saving right away

CoolXEnergy’s ThermX solar A/C system is designed to pay for itself the day you start using it, because you’re not only reducing your electricity usage by 30-50% right away, you’re also eligible for a tax credit of up to 35% from the State of Hawai‘i (and up to $500,000 for commercial usage) once you install and begin using solar A/C.

In addition, another way the ThermX system helps you save on energy costs is by lessening the demand on your current system during peak hours. By tying solar A/C into your existing system and therefore reducing the overall load demand, you can extend the lifetime of your existing equipment, as well as reduce your month-to-month energy bills.

At Hopkins Hawai‘i, we can give you an analysis of your home’s current air conditioning usage (or your business’ usage) and help you decide what your solar A/C options are. Doesn’t it make sense to explore solar A/C?

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Hawai‘i has the highest energy costs in the nation

It’s probably no surprise that according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, energy costs are higher in Hawai‘i than anywhere else in the nation.

Energy costs in Hawai‘i average almost  24 cents per kWh, with Massachusetts following right behind Hawai‘i.

This means even with Hawai‘i’s naturally sunny climate, solar energy savings are not being taken advantage of.

Installation of the ThermX solar unit, combined with subsequent energy savings and Hawai‘i’s 35% tax credit for homeowners and up to $500,000 for businesses means there’s little reason anymore for Hawai‘i’s home and business owners to be without solar A/C.


With the high cost of A/C each month, it makes sense to think solar

Where once solar panels came at a high cost, modern technology has made solar energy more affordable than you might think nowadays.

With costs being generally higher than on the mainland and energy costs especially so, along with the fact that the A/C runs year-round in Hawai‘ian homes and businesses, it’s no surprise that cost is a major consideration when deciding to install solar A/C.

And with the tax benefits for homeowners, and immediate plus long-term energy cost relief, it can make more sense than not to install solar A/C. Obviously, businesses large and small can also benefit from better workplace energy usage.


Solar A/C can increase your property value, too

Not only is installing solar A/C a benefit to your home’s energy usage and a benefit to your bottom line, but did you know that homes equipped with solar energy assistance are likely to sell at a higher price on the real estate market than those without? 

According to a 2015 study published by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, the average home equipped with solar paneling was more likely to sell at a premium price than those without.

And with the ThermX system, not only are you increasing your property value, you’re also doing so in the most attractive way by installing the newest, slimmest, most compact system.

If your current home or business has photovoltaic solar panels, we can also assist in servicing and enhancing them to make the best use of your investment.


Let’s bring solar A/C to your home or business

Whether you’ve decided to install solar A/C, or you’re interested in exploring whether it’s a good fit for your home or business, we can help you sort through the details with an analysis of your current energy usage and needs.

Here at Hopkins Hawai‘i your satisfaction is our business. That’s why we’ve partnered with CoolXEnergy, Hawai‘i’s only distributor of the ThermX solar A/C system. We can guide you every step of the way in incorporating the latest, most efficient, most sustainable and renewable solar energy system available in Hawai‘i today.

Let’s talk about how solar A/C can benefit your bottom line and Hawai‘i’s natural beauty.

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