He´eia Construction

Renovating or remodeling? Adding on? Building a new home?

Do you want to know the best way to avoid costly mistakes, as well conflicts with your contractor? 

Don’t get the building process backwards, that’s how! 

Don’t get the process backwards

The State of Hawai‘i requires that any drawings you submit to the Building Department in order to obtain a permit for a project valued at over $40,000 must be signed and submitted by a licensed architect or structural engineer. 

You heard that right—any drawings submitted outside of an architect or structural engineer will not be accepted by the State of Hawai‘i.

Whether building a new home from the ground up or doing a larger renovation or remodel, people often make the mistake of going to a construction company or contractor first. 

It’s an honest mistake, but this approach causes not only delays in getting your project started and chips away at your budget before you’ve even begun. 


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We have a solution

We work exclusively with He‘eia Construction Company for new construction projects, as well as larger renovations and remodels.

He‘eia Construction’s comprehensive team includes an architect, a structural engineer, a soils engineer, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a civil engineer.  

They utilize a series of drawings produced in-house that allow them to accurately estimate project costs in order to provide you with a realistic idea of the scope of your project.

And if this estimated cost exceeds the your budget, you, the homeowner, can decide what to do next. 

But first, let me assure you, we’re sincere in our promise that we give you a no-obligation estimate for your project. So you’re not obligated to proceed with the project if our estimates exceed your budget. 

If you decide to explore more options, we look at feasible methods of trimming costs and work with you on where your wisest and most cost-effective expenditures will be.

Our process is efficient and cost-effective

Where ordinarily you’d have to pay a licensed architect or structural engineer to create drawings that you can then present to the Building Department (leaving you with drawings that you’ve purchased, whether you plan to proceed or not), our exclusive process allows you to tap into our extensive knowledge and experience.

So rather than having to purchase drawings, then learn and implement the entire process, whether building, renovating, or remodeling process, our partnership with He‘eia Construction saves you considerable money, time, and stress. 

Minimize the financial risk of taking on a large-scale project

Safeguard your future the He‘eia Construction way…

He‘eia Construction’s unique system is your opportunity to explore and minimize the financial risk of taking on a large-scale project before you get out of the design phase and start hiring your team. 

With this approach you can determine whether you can afford (or want to build) your dream home, or start that major renovation or remodel by determining a realistic idea of the costs and drastically reducing your risk of surprises.

Then we can help you stay on budget while providing superior service.

Let Hawai‘i’s leading and most comprehensive construction company help you build your dream home or turn your current home into your dream home.

By partnering with He‘eia Construction, we at Stephen R. Hopkins and Hopkins Hawai‘i can give you the best results possible and the best experience, all at the best price. 


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