Domestic Staffing

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Oahu Domestic Staffing Solutions 

As luxury property managers, we also assist with domestic staffing solutions for your property on the island of Oahu. We conduct interviews and on-site training to make sure you have the best team on hand.

Finding good domestic staff in Lanikai, Portlock, Kahala and Diamond Head can be time-consuming, so we’re happy to handle the entire process for you in order to hire the best people for your needs. 

Training Your Staff

Don’t know where to start when it comes to training your domestic staff? We do, and we will!

We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, as well as any conflicts with your household staff, and we can be your point of contact for hiring and training the right people to take care of your property efficiently.

Bespoke Solutions

Every property is different ,which is why your domestic staff should be thoroughly trained to take care of your unique property and home in the best way possible. We take care of this by training your personnel to provide the best service possible and by devising staff schedules and checklists.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Our staff management system can assist you in the development of household protocols and procedures. We’ll also make sure your employees receive customized training and guidance to be able to care for your specific household.

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