A/C Corrosion Prevention

Hopkins Hawai´i is a Certified Installer of Coil Safe Coating Formulation

Air conditioning systems are taxed more in Hawai´i than in other locations. This can lead to damage like coil corrosion, which is not only expensive to deal with, but also dangerous. Our team can repair existing corrosion and more importantly, reliably prevent A/C corrosion using our anti-corrosion coils.

Install anti-corrosion coils today

Our company is an approved Daiken A/C & Refrigeration anti-corrosion coil installer, meaning that we are extensively trained, as well as certified to handle this unique project. With these coils in place, you can save yourself a great deal of money and stress from breakdowns in the future.

We’re also a Cosco-approved coil treatment installer, which is a leading anti-corrosion coil brand in the region.

Solutions from Coat Zone

In addition, we’re proud to partner with Coat Zone, makers of Coil Safe and Thermal Block, two proprietary products that significantly improve the efficiency and lifespan of HVAC systems.

Protect your HVAC systems in Hawai´i today!

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